Adding alerts for donations is a fun way to encourage your audience to donate and support the cause. The team at XSplit has created a custom plugin to give you alerts! There are 2 options for the plugin, one that stays up during the entire stream showing the totals and one that only pops up with who donated.

Step 1 -  In XSplit click the drop down on the “Add” menu and on the drop down menu click “get more sources”

Step 2.  From the Plugin store click on “AbleGamers Alert” then install.

Step 3. Once the “AbleGamers Alert” has downloaded, you can add it to your XSplit scenes by clicking

4. You should get a blank AbleGamers Alert, To add your own fundraising page to it right click “AbleGamers Alert” in your scene sources to open the options.


5. In the AbleGamers Alert tab paste your participant or team id in the box.

5.A To get your ID, go to your fundraising page and copy the numbers at the end of your URL

6.  There are 2 main options,  “Show Donation Meter” and “Show Donation Alert”

Show Donation Meter - Will display the plugin during your stream.
Show Donation Alert - Will allow for an alert to pop up when someone donates. Leaving “Show Donation Alert” checked and “Show Donation Meter” unchecked will allow for pop ups during donations without displaying the plugin the entire time.

Alert with "Show Donation Meter and "Show Donation Alert" 

Alert with only "Show Donation Alert" checked. Will only display when a donation is made.